SmileSpot Electric Toothbrush

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Sale price$49.99

Clinically proven to remove up to 10x more plaque than a manual toothbrush!


Innovation: A brush that allows up to 38,000 strokes for each moment and expedites cleaning to expel plaque, and stains that a conventional toothbrush can't accomplish!


5 Cleaning Modes: It offers five unique modes to suit your needs, namely Standard, Smart Cleaning, Whitening, Massage, and Soft, to support your teeth and gums.

Smart Timer: A smart timer that intervenes every 30 seconds with a pause to remind you to switch places empowering dental specialists suggested brushing propensity.


Charge with ease: A 5 hours of charge can make this brush run for 80 days without any issues. As it often reminds while running on low battery and quickly disconnects with the power when the battery is full. An excellent product for anyone who even loves traveling.


Cleansing like never before!


The soft and premium bristles offer rigorous cleaning while ensuring the oust of plague — one of the best products that provide tremendous cleaning expeditiously.