Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit

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Those gorgeous peepers of yours don’t get the attention they deserve. If eyes are the window to the soul, then you want to frame yours with exquisite care. But for years, you’ve been stuck with limited options. You’ve probably experienced the pains of smudged, leaky mascara collecting like ash beneath your eyes. That thick, waxy coating is hard to remove without tugging on soft, sensitive skin. Maybe you’ve even tried those tortuous eyelash implants that everyone raved about for a while. Too risky, and far too expensive. So what’s the solution to getting eyes that pop? The latest in makeup art innovation.

The Magnetic Liner Lashes Kit comes with two pairs and sizes - one pair for your daily use, and a longer set for glamming up or evening-use. Make your eyes stand out however you prefer.


The Magnetic Liner Lashes Kit is the most essential tool in your beauty kit. You can have the best complexion, the most sumptuous lips, perfect eyebrows, and a killer outfit, but if your eyes don’t stand out, you’ll look a little like everyone else. Long, luscious lashes accentuate your defining feature. Not only do they demand attention, you’ll feel better every time you look in the mirror. And there’s more. Your Magnetic Liner Lashes Kit keeps your eyes looking young and supple because they’re oh-so gentle to apply and remove.


Look Fab, Day or Night

Now you can ditch those other failed attempts to emphasize your eyes. Our Magnetic Liner Lashes Kit is everything you need to look fabulous during the day and glamorous at night.

Easy Application

The 2-step application is quick, easy, and painless. These magnetic lashes are unlike any other lash kit and the results are fantastic. There’s no glue, no injections, no special skills required.

Longer & Stronger

Each quality lash is made of non-organic material. That means you get thick, lush lashes strong enough to last and stay in place all day and all night.

Gentle Eye Care

Anti-aging skincare starts now, regardless of your age. Remove these magnetic lashes as easily as you applied them. A simple cleanser is all you need. No rubbing required. No irritated or stressed skin.


Enhance Your Natural Beauty with Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes

2 Pairs in 1 Kit

Use one pair for everyday wear and keep one just for special occasions or for glamming up your evenings out.


Care for your double-set lashes well and you can wear them again and again – up to 10 times! That means when you buy two sets, you’ll get over a month of every day wear.

No-Fuss Removal

Simply remove the lashes starting from the outside corner of your eye. Clean the lashes with a warm, damp cloth and store in its case. Wash your eyes with your chosen makeup remover, using cotton tips if necessary.

Includes (2) sets of lashes and (1) 10 ml magnetic eyeliner.


We designed the Magnetic Liner Lashes Kit with your safety in mind. You need to trust that your cosmetics aren’t harmful to use, especially your eye makeup. Our gentle, high-quality liner goes on smoothly and the synthetic magnetic lashes cling to the liner without effort. Your eyes are protected from glue and other harmful materials that can compromise healthy, vibrant eyes.


These lashes attach to the magnetic liner in 5 places for maximum authentic coverage and long-lasting wear. Follow step 1 and allow a few minutes for the liner to become tacky before moving onto step 2.

  1. Line your top lid as you would with a regular eyeliner.
  2. Apply the magnetic lashes.