Anti-Vomiting Orthopedic Cat Bowl ( Double )

Sale price$34.98

Product Features: 
  • The double bowls design enables the cat/dog to eat food or drink water in the same feeder. You can also put staple food, snacks, and preserved food in the bowls for the cat/dog.
  • The heightened base and 15º tilted design are good for protecting the cat/dog's neck, avoid problems with the cervical spine.
  • The Pet Bowl Feeder is made of PC and ABS material, durable, non-toxic, and environmental-friendly.
  • The cute cat ears design of the bowl is adorable, practical, and stylish, cats love it very much.

  • The Silica gel non-slip mats keep the feeder unmovable even if the cat/dog eating wildly.

  • You can choose one bowl feeder or double bowl feeder to meet your needs.
  • Rotate the bowl gently to release it, convenient to clean.

  • Please note that the PC material cannot bear high temperature, please don't leave it to sunbeam or pour water of ≥80º in the bowl; please don't heat the bowl.

Product Specifications:
  • Material: PC+ABS
  • Capacity(of one bowl): 480ml/275ml
  • Color: Transparent & White(Single Bowl Feeder, Double Bowl Feeder)(optional)
  • Weight: 600g/21.2oz
  • Size: 14.1*14.1*8.7cm/5.6*5.6*3.4(Single Bowl Feeder)
  • 29.1*14.1*8.7cm/11.5*5.6*3.4(Double Bowl Feeder)
  • Package List: 1*Pet Bowl Feeder(with one bowl or two bowls)